Nature + Technology

Our Planet is our home, and we are committed to taking care of it.

Desinchá vision was always to help people lead healthier (and tastier) lives. Everything here is born to impact, change and transform people's lives.

Thus, we combine nature and technology to bring the best of both worlds to your home: healthy habits with irresistible flavors and sustainability.

Fresh start

It all starts with certified farmers, both in Brazil and abroad, who send the raw fresh materials directly to our factories.

Quality & effectiveness

When formulating Desinchá Company products, our health professionals considered every little detail, such as the quality and specification of each ingredient and the effectiveness of the blend. Our products are 100% natural and produced with selected ingredients of the highest quality, developed to guarantee our consumers' needs, desires, and tastes.


We are committed to sustainable environmental efforts. All Desinchá's Pouches are USDA Organic approved with packages made from recycled materials, reducing our environment's carbon footprints.


Our tea bags are 100% biodegradable, plastic-free, made from sugar cane. When discarded in compost bins, the cellulosic fibers of the Desinchá tea bag decompose (approximately 75% of the paper). The remaining heat-sealable threads (maximum 25%) disintegrate in the environment. 

One tea, One tree

With care and responsibility, for every Desinchá product sold, we will plant a tree. Initiatives like this are just a few ways to return all the success and confidence to make a difference in the world.