Olá, we are Desinchá

Nice to meet you!
The start

Desinchá Brazil was founded in 2017 by two friends from Belo Horizonte, who dreamed of a world where wellness and body care prevailed. A place where health is recurring, daily, and simple.

What a growth!

Less than two years after creating the company, we had a growth of 5000% in 11 months, making our products available in more than 16 thousand points of sale across the country. In such a short time, we continue creating all kinds of products that follow our philosophy of quality and health.

we want to show that Health is simple

We believe that health is simple, and it's our goal to show the way by creating products and technologies that transform people's lives.

From Brazil to the world!

With the great success of the Brazilian company, our motherland became small. In 2019 we expanded our operation to the United States, now we want to take our products to the world, showing that health is as simple as a teacup!

Mission & Vision

Our mission is about showing how health can be simple, with small habits, the right products, or a different routine.
Our vision is about how we want to transform people´s lives by creating new products and technologies.

Now that you know everything about us let´s choose the best product for you!